Gas Outdoor patio Heaters provide heating and nice flame light effect making those outdoor heaters perfect for Dubai’s chilly evenings, provides comfort for your and your guests. our outdoor gas heaters provide a clean and safe way to enjoy your outdoor area.

Our Gas outdoor heaters are now more clean, and so safe for outdoor heating, doesn’t need any electrical power wiring making them free stand and you can move them anywhere you need them. Easy access to do gas bottle replacement.

Please check some of our outdoor gas heater models below :

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Gas patio heaters provide not only the heat  but also a Gain open fire flame light to increase comfort levels and attraction. The Safety addition for our flame patio Gas heater is the Tilt safety switch that will cut the gas supply if the heater falls down for any reason these outdoor heaters provide a nice spectacle and focal point for the flame is located behind a safety grill to avoid any accidents.

Outdoor Gas Heaters can have adjustable heat output from 5Kw and up to 40Kw, this depends on the burner size.Table TOP models often have low heat output, Mushroom heaters can supply up to 35,000 BTU up to 45,000BTU, while the pyramid glass tube heaters can provide up to 17,000 BTU only.

All our gas patio heater comes with variable heat control and also allow you to save gas and get more efficient usage.

Gas Outdoor Heaters comes with a flame failure sensor . and some models have tilt safety shut-off. This sensor will cut the supply of gas if the heater leads or tip over.this also making patio heaters not work on a slope for safety , all outdoor gas heaters should be placed on a perfect horizontal base and stable level ground. also, it will cut the gas if someone tries to move the heater while it’s running.