Glass tube Gas Flame Outdoor Heater

The biggest and the best Glass Tube flame heater Available in Dubai Market Now. This commercial Gas Flame Patio Heater designed to for commercial and domestic outdoor use. its very nice looking and fire flames attract the eye.this Gas outdoor heater also got very clean and efficient Burner, This outdoor patio heater flame that can be controlled to set for low-or-high output.

Available in High Quality stainless steel or powder coated color paint, this patio heater comes with electronic ignition.



Heater features

Massive  heat Output (up to 52,000 BTU)
Quartz glass tube
Perfect Infrared heat distribution output with no wasted energy.
Can cover up to 10 square metres
Uses Propane LPG gas
Height 206cm
Weight – 30kg
Works with any Patio Gas bottle
Winter cover available.