Here we will go through few steps to insure longer life span for your patio heater. While these applies to outdoor gas mushroom heaters sold in UAE, this might mostly apply to majority of mushroom gas heaters.

Safety Notice:

This is a safety notice to let you know that after using your patio heater, it will become hot. You must not attempt to clean the heater whilst it is still turned on, as this could cause damage. Wait for at least 20 minutes after using the device before attempting any maintenance or cleaning activity. Always switch off your heater before cleaning.

WARNING After turning the heater off, you must wait 5 minutes or more to let excess gas dissipate before lighting again. Failure to do so may result in a serious injury, property damage.

Mushroom gas heater parts

  1. Dismantle and clean

    Ensure your heater continues to function perfectly for as long as possible by performing a routine cleaning procedure before turning it on. By dusting it with a duster or by using a so debris from venture tubes with pipe cleaners. If cleaning is required more frequently, we recommend using rust spray remover as this can help remove oily stains and make the surface of the mushroom patio heater look like new.
    Cleaning mushroom gas heater

  2. Do not use detergent and cleaning fluids

    Specially around the lamp. This can cause damage to the unit; in some instances, it can even cause heater failure. Always disconnect the power when cleaning or servicing the lamp unit.
    Do not use detergent and cleaning fluids on mushroom heater

  3. Check the wires

    If anyone replaced any heater wires independent of the factory supplied ones, please ensure that any cabling has been purchased with a UV proof heat resistant sheath. Any damaged cable should be replaced immediately to prevent potential fire hazards.
    Mushroom heater wires check

  4. Cleaning the reflector

    Cleaning your reflector and heater regularly will help your heater to produce more heat, while also increasing its lifespan. A dirty reflector will produce more heat than a clean one, so cleaning the surface is important. Ideally, these parts should be cleaned after every use for best performance results, but at least once every week will keep them in tiptop condition.
    Cleaning mushroom heater reflector