Electric patio Heater

From 890AED

1.9 to 2.1m
900-2100 Watt
Adjustable height

2 kW Freestanding Electric Halogen Patio Heater


– Heat and light
– Aluminum frame with stainless steel pole
– Stable base


Electric patio Heater

  • With  heat capacity up to 8 Kw/h (running on low) Less portable Electric heaters are required to heat the same Outdoor Area, saving floor space.
  •  High quality product,with operating on average for 8 years with no maintenance.
  • Low cost and low power consumption.


– Diameter: 580mm
– Power: 220-240V with 2,100 W power
If you like to have party in your patio or outdoor garden, when its really chilly outdoors. Our infrared heater provides instant wormth by using infrared waves with stainless steel design and classic appearance.

This electric heater works infrared radiation which provides more heat. this electric patio heater will help you and your guests feel warm and comfortable outdoor space, also you will enjoy the outdoor heater light in the night.

The adjustable head and height enables you to direct the heat where you need it , when you need to heat a larger surface area.